Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flannel Yellow Girls Coin Quilt - Done!!

Another quilt finished!!  I love these flannel quilts.  They  are so cuddable!!  The wavy stitch is just the right amout of quilting so they keep their cuddability (is that a word) and flexibility.  They also give the back side a poofiness (i dont know if this is a word either).  You know when I am sewing down the binding on a flannel backed quilt I find myself stopping periodically just to run my hand over the back of it.  I wonder if the recipients of these quilts do the same thing.

Coming up next - I will be finishing the Dora Log Cabin!!! 

I feel as though I am making so much progress!!!  I can't turn the quilts out as quickly as some.  There are many days I may have only a half hour to sew.  Most of my quilting is done an hour here, 45 minutes there... Whatever little time spent in my the sanctuary of my sewing room is precious.

How many of you feel the same way?  Have similar circumstances?

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