Friday, October 30, 2009

Flannel Strippy Quilt

I finally finished my son's Flannel Strippy Quilt.  This quilt was made from leftovers.  That is everything other than the backing.  Even the batting was from leftovers - a mix of cotton batting, poly batting and fleece. Check below - sorry about the weird angle:

The front is made from leftover flannel strips and a few blocks most of which were salvaged from my Mother In Law making her mother, sisters and grand-daughters pants for Christmas.   Some strips are from some of my projects and kid's pants as well, but I'd say 75% are from her.  Thanks Bev!!!! :) 

This isn't the finished blanket.  I am waiting for my son to let me take a picture.  He has a bunkbed so I can't get a good pic of it - too dark - and every weekend we've had rain since it's been completed.  This Saturday, Halloween, is supposed to be nice and sunny!!!  Woo Hoo!  So maybe we will have a completed quilt pic along with pics of our scarrry trick or treaters.

To our right is a close up of two blocks joined.
I cant tell you how much fun it was to make these.  Once I got started it went so quickly.  My son would hand me the strips he wanted next and I just kept going!!

I've got a bag of girly flannel for my daughters blanket.  If you'd like a tutorial on how I put these togther, stay tuned for the girl version.  It may be spaced out over a few months, as this one was, as I wait for the leftovers to become available from my other projects.  I like to have quilts like this going because they are a nice break from piecing and they are what I call "mindless sewing".  

What can you do to get ready?  Start putting all your flannel scraps in a box or bin.  If you want to use cotton, that is fine too.  Cut 12 inch squares out of all your left over batting pieces.  If you dont have any that are 12 inch squares, dont worry.  You can join them together by butting them up and using a zig zag stitch.  If you think they feel to flimsy this way, dont worry, you'll be sewing your strips across the zig zag seem which will reinforce that.  Remember this is mindless sewing, no worries!!! 

Happy Quilting!!

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