Monday, October 5, 2009

Quilts to Finish - 2009 UFO'.s

I need help organizing all my various quilt projects. I have a few commissioned projects to finish with upcoming deadline dates so those are at the top of my list. The rest are subject to change. I will post pics of each individually as I go along and as I finish the tops, quilt them, and then wash them. I will post this list on my sidebar. As I complete quilts I will move them to a newly created finished 2009 quilts heading. 

I am guilty of starting a quilt then starting another before I finish the previous one. I get a thought in my head, then I start a block or two, then I get another thought. This blog will serve the purpose of keeping me on track. I am sure as I go through the UFO's I will find lots more. I have lots of projects cut out and not yet started the sewing part. This is a whole other list and trust me it is probably waaaaaaay longer than this one.

Below is the layout for the Breast Cancer Quilt I will have finished this week.  It is going to be rag style.  There is a mix of flannel and cotton prints with lots of Breast Cancer fabric mixed in with some other pink blocks.  There are 64 blocks in this quilt and it will fnish to 57" square.   I love how shabby these turn out!!

Check back at the end of the week and you'll see the finished quilt, complete with batting and backing!!

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  1. Great quilt to do this month. A great cause too!