Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brick Wall Flannel and Minky Quilt Top

This is an extremely cuddable flannel and minky quilt made from my rag quilt leftovers.  I LOVE leftovers sometimes they are yummier than the original quilt!! There are 120 "bricks" in this quilt. The pattern is random.  Each brick is made by taking a 6.5 inch block, then halving it.  I chain piece seven bricks lengthwise, creating 12 strips.  Then I take 8 bricks and half those.  I put 1/2 of a brick at opposing ends, alternating from one strip to the next.  So all the odd numbered strips (looking at them horizontally) may have the half brick on the right and all the even may have it on left. Then all that is left to do is sew the strips together. 

I have completed this quilt a couple of different ways.  I have backed it with anti pill fleece envelope style, then top stitched the edge.  When I back it this way, I generally sew free motion small circles or a girls may have rag quilt hearts, randomly placed, stitching through the top and fleece back.

Another way I have finished this quilt top is traditionally with batting and flannel backing then wavy stitching down the center of each brick, ribbon style or a for a boy I have quilted 1/4 from each seam. 

The approximate finished size of this quilt is 42"x44". So it makes a nice baby quilt or a cozy throw.  It is very simple and forgiving for beginners because you don't have any seams to match up.

So collect all those leftover rag quilt squares, separating for girl and boy or collect 10 sets of 12 squares. You can easily compete this quilt from beginning to end in a weekend or even a day.  It makes a great last minute baby shower present or for a charity blanket.  Because the pattern is random you dont have to lay any blocks out.  The more of a variety you have, the better.  This one I've pictured, I tried to stay with blues, yellows and creams.

I will provide you with a tutorial in the next couple of weeks.  I have a girl brick wall quilt ready to be pieced, including some rag quilt hearts.


  1. I love this and I'm so excited to finally get to "see" you. I have talked to you so much online and by phone. I will be anxiously waiting to see how you and your daughter progress on different projects.

  2. Thanks so much!! Next month we will be starting a tutorial quilt along for another quilt. I will be posting a supply list. If you want to join along, we will post a step in the tutorial every Saturday so you have the whole week to do each step.

  3. What a lovely quilt! Thanks for the instructions... I need to make a minky quilt for my granddaughter! This sounds easy! Thank you again! Mimi!